The Parasol

IMG_0375The newest iconic building structure in Seville is the Parasol, a massive wooden structure which looks like five enormous mushrooms. It’s huge – modern – and utterly unlike anything surrounding it.  Unsurprisingly it is surrounded by controversy, not only because of the design but also the cost blow outs. No two pieces of the structure are the same. link


It has three levels – a lower level the Antiquarium which is a roman town (and more mosaics) uncovered when the foundations of the Parasol were being dug. That messed up the construction timetable something serious! Then there is the ground level in which a fresh produce market is located: jamon (ham), queso (cheese), verduras (vegetables), pescado (fish), carne (meat), pan (bread), frutos secos (nuts), vinos and – of course – more varieties of aceitunas (olives) than you can imagine!



IMG_0370Then there is the top level – with a restaurant and bar, and an organic walkway, reminiscent of an Escher drawing, meandering across the top of the structure. The views of the city and the distant countryside are spectacular.