Park Guell: another Gaudi creation

Gaudi was commissioned to create a gated community for wealthy Barcelonans on a hill overlooking the city. It turned out to be too impractical to access, and the building restrictions were prohibitive.

IMG_0277_2Today it is accessed by several escalators (you can use steps if you feel energetic). As things turned out, it was turned into a park, filled with follies (see the Wave walkway below – a broken stone covered way, with a very organic look and feel to it; the columns look like tree trunks) and others examples of Gaudi’s designs. Two buildings (Dr Seus would be at home, the walls curve and flow) and this fantastic palm frond iron fence.

Mosaic finishes cover the surfaces of most of the structures. Ceramic tiles were carefully selected, broken and installed, creating quite extraordinary mosaics (see the octopus below). There’s a primary school located in the lower levels of the park. It is an uninspired lump of a building, but has great views of sculptures and trees.