Old Bosham

Spent a delightful day with friends Simon and Siobhan and their little boy Charlie.

Old Bosham, the place where (according to the tradition) King Canute intended to show his power over the tides and failed dismally, is a charming little coastal village. Tiny white cottages, some thatched, stand cheek by jowl. Carefully trimmed hedges, carefully painted front doors, polished brass door knockers and letter box flaps, swept steps, meandering narrow streets, seagulls and ducks create an idyllic setting.

A road sweeps around the bay, signs advising you to not park on it because it is tidal i.e. one metre tidal if you care to look at the wet high water mark on the sea wall. At this time, boats are resting on the muddy flats, waiting for the tide to return which, when it turns, happens rapidly. We amble around the bay, followed by lunch in Chichester.

The grey sky, chill wind and soggy ground are a sharp contrast to sunny Seville.