Go slowly and experience more

You can speed around Spain at 120 kms an hour on the autovias. Splendid freeways with marvellously cambered spaghetti intersections that bypass every town along the way. Fly through tunnels cut deep into the living rock, skim across viaducts that gracefully swoop over valleys, the bright blue guardrails exactly at eye height ensuring you miss the magnificent view below.

Or you can choose to avoid main roads … and see rural Spain, wandering livestock (farms are rarely fenced – a single strip of white tape stretched between widely spaced sticks is about as far as it goes), small pueblos (villages), crumbling farmhouses, rolling fields of grain, industrial wastelands interspersed with urban developments and vegetable gardens, temperate forests, eucalyptus forests, pine forests,  following the contour lines of a wild and rugged mountain chain, hearing rushing rivers when you cross an old stone bridge or drive upstream in order to cross the mountains. These roads are narrow, often degraded, full of hairpin bends … and WOW! moments at 30 to 50kms an hour.

We chose the slow roads.