Food glorious food

There are dozens of different types of tapas and pinchos to be found here in Salamanca, and it seems that every bar claims they serve a local speciality. And how many delicious specialties there are! Try mussels (stuffed, crumbed, topped with red peppers and a vinaigrette), octopus, squid, tripe (burp), pork trotters (glutinous), crispy pork crackling, 50 different sorts of jamon, sea worms (look like 10cm long pieces of grey pasta and eaten with great gusto), any number of other sea creatures and crustaceans, roasted red peppers, chicken, fish, cheeses, blood sausage, chorizo sausage, potatoes half a dozen ways, croquettes made out of just about anything you might imagine, prawns every which way, Russian salad, fried zucchini … Usually served on a generous slice of crusty bread or in a small dish. Price range 0.70€  to 1.60€.  A glass or two of very nice Rioja and a couple of these delightful dishes and you will still have change out of 5€.