Comprar un ‘electric toothbrush’ en Espana

Step one: visit Museo Centro de Arte Reina Sofia. Good time to get there is around 11.00hrs. It’s just before the tourist buses and the school groups arrive. That meant the room displaying Guernica only had a small crowd of around 25 personas (last visit in 2012 there were around 80 personas plus a scissor lift for curators doing a close inspection of the work). Today there was plenty of time and space to see works by Miro, Dali and Picasso. Fantastic and interesting. The lifts at the Museo are a challenge: all they do is go all the way down, and then all the way up. There is no way that they will go down a level and then return. The stairs were a very attractive alternative option to lifts – particularly when you’re trying to get out of a lift and others are trying to get in before you get out. Tourists!

But back to the toothbrush. El Corte Ingles is the shop for most things. But don’t expect its layout to make sense. One may purchase an electric toothbrush in the basement supermercado. But there are no spare brush heads. Spare brush heads, one discovers, are in the para-perfumerie upstairs. Which is actually a para-farmacia. The para-farmacia has the same electric toothbrush that is downstairs. But the electric toothbrush costs less downstairs that the one in the para-farmacia. Back downstairs to purchase electric toothbrush of choice, and back upstairs to ¬†purchase spare brush heads. Did you know there are four sorts of toothbrush heads that can be fitted to an Oral B Braun? The Germans ¬†seem to think of all the options ( well – there are four with this toothbrush).

Purchasing the toothbrush took at least an hour. Una copa de Rioja was necessito to recover from the experience.