Christmas lights

IMG_0171_2Sevilla does superb Christmas lights –  every road leading to La Avenida de la Constitucion was strung with beautiful lights that were but a hint of the splendour of the lighting in La Avenida.  Being 10.00 pm on a Friday night, everyone was making a party of the lights going on. The streets were packed with people of all ages, moving around in family groups with babies in prams, toddlers, young children, parents and grandparents. Other than trams, no traffic is normally allowed on La Avenida, a broad and gracious boulevard in the centre of Sevilla. Night trams were cancelled, allowing La Avenida to be taken over by sightseers and it was heaving with people. It seemed as though everyone wanted to go in the opposite direction of everyone else, and the air was filled with the dull roar of friendly conversations.

Moving through the crowds was a challenge, additionally so in the side streets. Every bar and restaurant that could set up tables on the pavement was packed and surrounded by people standing patiently waiting for a table to clear. Young children ran around excitedly, or howled, or slept through the noisy chaos, snugly cocooned in designer prams. After walking all around the central area for more than an hour, headed back to a little bar not 50m from the apartment to succeed in getting some stylish and tasty tapas and a vino.