Alcazar – a Muslim jewel

IMG_0337The Alcazar is a sumptuous former Muslim palace which commenced as a fort in 913. It was further developed over successive centuries. The Real Alcazar is now the official residence of the King of Espagna when he is in Sevilla. It is filled with follies, courtyards, pools and fountains, all of which would have brought a pleasing cool relief to the scorchingly hot summers.


One can only imagine the intrigues that occurred under the exquisite archways, in quiet  plazas, in the labyrinth hedge, or on balconies overlooking carefully clipped hedges.  Amusingly, there is a pair of peacocks in the gardens Рthe male being closely followed by a male duck. Wherever the peacock went, the duck dutifully followed.

The ceramics museum within the Alcazar contains several centuries of the history of ceramics. The ceramic mosaics are utterly beautiful. The hours required to do the perfectly designed patterns which have large repeats provides an insight into a time when craftsmanship was really appreciated.