A coastline wrapped in plastic!

No – it’s not refuse, but I wasn’t expecting to see plastic-covered hothouses covering scores of square kilometres of land stretching from the hills down to the coastline between Malaga and Cartagena. In some areas the plastic had totally degraded, resulting in great, long, ragged strips of the stuff fluttering like shrouds on the wood-framed skeletons of the hothouses.

We have a hire car for the next 10 days for our trip north. This means we can see places that are difficult to access by bus or train. Unfortunately the hire car did not come with integrated satellite navigation as requested and, by way of compensation, we were given an out-of-date Tomtom with no holding bracket, gratis. Free ticket to frustration!

We stopped off in Almeria, on the way to Cartagena. The Tomtom had a tendency to lag – telling us to turn just after we passed the required intersection. Spotting street names is often a challenge and, combining that difficulty with a lIMG_1376agging Tomtom, we circled the castle several times before we found the parking area.

The narrow calles (streets) of many Spanish towns means that many of them are one-way to deal with modern traffic. The consequence of this is that if you miss a turn, you often have to drive rift around the town again, in order to get back to the original turnoff that you require. Sigh – this was day one of the road trip!